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Ridder used machines

Here you will find various used Ridder machines, equipment and accessories from the field of waterjet cutting.

Procurement and marketing of high-quality used machines for steel construction, steel trade, metal construction, mechanical and plant engineering. - that is our core business. No more and no less. This is where we know our way around - in Germany and close to the market worldwide.

The company H.G. Ridder Automatisierungs-GmbH was founded in 1980 by Heinrich Georg Ridder in Hamm/Westphalia. Already in 1990, the first WARICUT high-pressure waterjet cutting system was manufactured for the high-pressure pump manufacturer Uhde in Hagen. In the meantime, Uhde High Pressure Technologies GmbH has become part of the ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Group.

H.G. Ridder Automatisierungs-GmbH is known nationally and internationally for its innovative and reliable mechanical engineering,- Made in Germany.

In addition to high-pressure waterjet technology with the Waricut product group, the mechanical engineering company H.G. Ridder Automatisierungs-GmbH is a high-quality supplier in the product areas of special machine construction and machine overhaul.

Thanks to the high vertical range of manufacture, the products are known for their high precision,

quality and durability. Likewise, the company is known for good industrial service and spare parts supply. Therefore,

A Waricut waterjet cutting machine is also popular as a used machine in the industry and stable in value.

H.G. RIDDER Automatisierungs-GmbH
On the Knuf 8-10
D-59073 Hamm
Phone: +49 (0)2381-30212-0


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