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Hydraulic shear, flat steel shear, plate shear

Plate shears, plate shears or hydraulic shears are used for the economical shearing of sheet metal and flat steel. The hydraulically driven shears enable a straight cut of the flat steel or the sheet. Depending on the design of the guillotine shear, shearing of steel sheets up to 30 mm material thickness is possible. In the steel construction and steel trade, however, plate shears with a shearing width of 2 to 6 m and a material thickness of up to 15 mm are common. Sheets with a thickness of more than 15 mm are nowadays cut more economically with a flame cut. On a hydraulic shear or guillotine shear, the sheet (workpiece) is brought to the desired shear position with a motor-adjustable length stop. The sheet to be processed lies on a flat machine table to which the lower knife is fixed. After positioning the sheet and setting the cutting gap, the upper blade is moved hydraulically against the lower blade to cut the sheet. The CNC control available in modern guillotine shears regulates the required shear force, shear gap and length dimensions. Various material removal systems are available as options.

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