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Portal Thermal Cutting Systems

Flame cutting machines in gantry design for oxyfuel flame cutting and plasma flame cutting

Flame cutting machines are suitable for economical flame cutting of sheet metal and flat steel with a gas/oxygen mixture or with a plasma power source or laser.
Depending on material thickness and material type, the industry chooses downstream flame cutting machines for flame cutting.

Laser cutting systems up to 30 mm material thickness of steel sheets and flat steel
Plasma cutting systems up to 80 mm material thickness of steel sheets and flat steel
Autogenous flame cutting machines from 5 mm to over 300 mm material thickness of steel sheets. There are flame cutting systems with 1 to 12 torches, optionally oxy-fuel and / or plasma torches are used.

Well-known manufacturers of cutting machines for oxyfuel and plasma cutting are ESAB, Sato, Messer Cutting Systems, Microstep, Voortman, Ficep, SAF, Bach Apolda, mgm, Zinser etc.

Modern flame cutting machines are now able to cut bevel cuts or the weld seam preparation with a bevel cutting device. Furthermore, powerful drilling units or milling units with tool changer are available. Below you can see videos of used portal flame cutting machines from Messer Cutting and Sato.

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