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Oxyfuel cutting machine in gantry design

Flame cutting machines in gantry design for oxyfuel flame cutting and plasma flame cutting

Oxyfuel cutting machines and oxyfuel cutting systems in portal design

Autogenous cutting machines in gantry design for economical cutting of sheet metal and flat steel with a gas/oxygen mixture.

Oxyfuel cutting is a reliable and cost-effective thermal cutting process. The consumable parts such as nozzles and torches are relatively inexpensive compared to plasma and laser cutting. In oxyfuel cutting, a flame from a gas mixture heats the workpiece to be cut (steel plate or steel profile, etc.). The gas combination of oxygen and the process gas (propane, acetylene, natural gas, mapp) heats the material to be cut up to the ignition temperature of approx. 1200 degrees C (for low-alloy steel). When this temperature is reached on the workpiece, the actual burning process is initiated. Almost pure oxygen is now fed into the hot cutting joint and thus heats the deeper layers of the material, turning them into molten slag. The oxygen pressure transports the slag out of the cutting joint into the extraction table. The respective cutting torches are moved over the workpiece according to a cutting pattern specified by the CNC control.

Oxyfuel cutting machine

The oxy-fuel cutting machines are suitable for flame cutting of thicker steel sheets and steel plates in steel construction, steel trade, plant engineering, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. Usually 1 to 12 oxyfuel torches or a combination of oxyfuel torches and 1 to 2 plasma torches are used. Oxyfuel cutting equipment or the combination of an oxyfuel and plasma cutting system is the basis of every steel trader or steel construction company and is used economically for material thicknesses from 10 mm to 300 mm. With the appropriate oxyfuel cutting technology, however, it is also possible to cut material thicknesses of 2000 mm. Due to the availability of increasingly cheaper and more powerful plasma cutting systems or combinations, the use of a pure oxyfuel cutting system is often only worthwhile from a material thickness of 40 mm.

Depending on the material thickness and material type, the industry chooses the following flame cutting machines for flame cutting.

  • Laser cutting systems up to 40 mm material thickness of steel sheet and flat steel
  • Plasma cutting systems up to 80 mm material thickness of steel sheets and flat steel
  • Oxy-fuel cutting machines from 10 mm to over 300 mm material thickness of steel sheets

In industry, oxyfuel cutting machines with 1 to 12 cutting torches are mainly used for cutting thick-walled sheets and steel plates.

Machine manufacturers oxyfuel cutting machines

Well-known machine manufacturers for oxyfuel cutting and plasma cutting with portal torch cutting machines are ESAB, Sato, Messer Cutting Systems, MicroStep, Voortman, Ficep, SAF, Becky, Warcom, mgm, Zinser, etc.

Modern portal flame cutting machines are now capable of cutting bevel cuts or weld pre-processing with a bevel cutting device. Powerful drilling units or milling units with tool changer are also available.

Example videos of used oxyfuel cutting machines

Used Messer OmniMat plasma cutting machine

Used Sato Satronic D 4500 oxyfuel cutting machine

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