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Plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting with Hypertherm Plasma Unit
Omnimat L5200 Plasma cutting machine in use with Hypertherm Plasma Unit HPR260 XD

Plasma cutting systems are increasingly used in the production of steel construction and steel trading for the thermal cutting of flat steel and steel sheets

For the plate range from less than 0.5 mm up to 20 mm sheet thickness, a laser cutting system can also be used economically. For sheet thicknesses higher than 3 mm up to 60 mm, however, the use of a plasma cutting system with one or more plasma cutting sources is often more economical than laser cutting. In plasma cutting, a plasma beam with a temperature of up to 30,000 degrees is generated at the cutting nozzle. Nenok is selling only plasma cutting sources from Hypertherm or Kjellberg. Laser and plasma sources are becoming cheaper and more effective and therefore achieve higher accuracies and cutting speeds. Therefore, in the future thicker materials (over 50 mm) will also be cut economically with a plasma torch. Well known manufacturers of plasma cutting machines are Messer Cutting Systems, ESAB, Ficep, Zinser, Voortman, Microstep, Sato, MGM, Bach Apolda etc.

Nenok has continuously well maintained used plasma cutting machines of different manufacturers available. Combined cutting machines are also available; these are equipped with one or more oxyfuel torches and plasma cutting systems.

Video of an used Plasma cutting machine OmniMat® L5200 from Messer Cutting Systems with 2 Hypertherm Plasma cutting units

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