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beam drill line with disc saw

Beam saw drill lines are used in the steel construction and steel trading industry for drilling and sawing of sectional steel.
A circular saw with segment saw blade is used for sawing. CNC controlled saw drill lines are equipped with an automatic length measuring system for automatic positioning of the sectional beams.
The length measuring system may be designed as measurement trolley, roller feed measuring system or gripper feed system.
Steel profiles such as angle steel, sectional beams, u-profiles, rectangular tubes and flat steel can be sawed, drilled and marked in different lengths and heights according to the previously programmed CNC control.
The use of a saw drill line with a circular saw is recommendable in cases in which high productivity and cutting precision are required and mainly large profiles get processed.
CNC controlled saw drill lines with circular saw are designed for profiles up to 1200 mm. Circular saws with mitre swivel mechanism allow precise saw cutting even with very large profiles.
For achieving a high cutting performance the circular saw blade is cooled with a mixture of air and cooling lubricant. Modern circular saws with a saw blade diameter of 1430 mm are offered today only by Kaltenbach from Lörrach.
Used saw drill lines with disc saw are available for different applications in heavy steel processing from Kaltenbach or Peddinghaus.

Kaltenbach saw drill line with circular saw type HDM 1431-KDX 1215
Peddinghaus saw drill lines with circular saw type LC1000-TDK1000/9, LC1250-TDK1000/9, LC1250- BDL1250, DSC300A und DSC300B

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