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Laser marking

Marking steel components with a laser

Laser marking involves burning a mark into the steel part. This allows components such as sheets and profiles to be clearly marked in steel construction and in the steel trade so that they can be permanently identified. With laser marking, very finely structured marking is possible. In addition to numbers, letters and characters, laser marking with a scannable barcode is also possible.

Labelase® 1000

The Labelase® 1000 is aCO2 laser, also known as a carbon dioxide laser.

With this compactCO2 laser, metal labels can be printed as easily as labels with a normal inkjet printer. The laser receives the labeling data from a PC via a serial interface. The individually punched metal tags are on a roll with up to 90 m length and are fed to the laser. The particularly resistant metal tags are suitable for use in a zinc bath.

LabeLase 1000 marking laser printing on metal signs
Metal signs after laser marking on LabeLase1000

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