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Signomat, Signing embossing

Signomats (marking embossers or marking devices) are available from manufacturers such as Peddinghaus, Kaltenbach, Ficep, Voortman and Vernet. With the marking embossing device, numbers or letters are hydraulically embossed into the workpiece. During this pressing process, a high-strength metal stamp with a letter or number is pressed into the profile or flat steel by hydraulic pressure. The resulting indentation can then be identified as a letter or number. This workpiece identification enables easy assignment of the components after blasting, painting or galvanizing. The digits are arranged in a disc and are quickly brought into the appropriate embossing position by the CNC control. The position of the marking is adjustable in height on the Signomat and is thus adapted to the profile height.

The respective numbers and letters are easily exchangeable. You will gladly receive an offer for the replacement stamps from Nenok.

Peddinghaus Signomat 05
Signomat tool holder for numbers and digits
Peddinghaus marking embossing when marking a section steel
Kaltenbach embossing unit on drilling saw system
Marking unit on a Kaltenbach drilling saw system

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