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Painting line, Preservation line, Coating line for steel processing

In the steel construction and steel trading industry it is very important to treat steel sheets and structural steel profiles with a special corrosion and heat protection.

This steel protection is possible thanks to a high-quality painting. In order to carry out the complex painting process automatically painting plants from manufacturers such as Intec, Kaltenbach, Köhne, Rösler, Voortman, Wheelabrator etc. are used. In the case of preservation systems the blasted and cleaned sheets or profiles are transferred from a transport roller conveyor to a chain conveyor of the painting line and then transported to the paint booth.

With a system of controlled airless spray guns the sheets and profiles are coated from all sides with a preservative lacquer, fire protection lacquer or a top coat.

The paint spray system is set up to ensure that only the surface of the components is wetted with paint. This reduces paint consumption to a minimum. Air filter systems clean the fine paint spray from the cabin air to ensure that later on these paint residues are disposed of correctly. In some cases a pre-dryer is necessary to bring very cold material to an optimal coating temperature. An after dryer is necessary for optimal coating and due to its continuous chain conveyor it ensures a fast paint drying when the painting process is finished.

Intec painting line
Intec painting line with primer coat spraying
Automatic Köhne painting line in painting process

Used painting line test run

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