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Universal Steelworker

Steelworker, ironworker

Universal steelworker for punching and shearing

An universal steelworker is usually equipped with several cutting positions. The punching force and the cutting force follow material thickness. In most cases the punching force and the cutting force range from 400 kn to 1400 kn.
Most universal steelworkers come with 4 or 5 different work stations; e.g. a hole punching unit, a notch unit ( as square notch or as triangle notch), a flat shear station and a section shear with bar stock shear. Depending on the design of the section shear it can be operated by one or two workers at the same time. All modern section shears and punching units are equipped with a hydraulic drive. Due to safety reasons the older mechanical machines with flywheel are not approved anymore. This applies at least for the EU member states.
Well-known manufacturers of (steelworkers) section shears and punching units are Geka, Ficep, Peddinghaus, Mubea, Sunrise etc.
For achieving the full capacity of a section shear it is necessary to use quality tools.

You find suitable quality tools such as punches, dies and blades for your Peddinghaus, Geka, Ficep or Mubea section shear at Nenok.

For most machines there is a wide range of accessories such as length stop, coordinate table, height-adjustable roller conveyors etc. available.

As the Peddinghaus steelworker (profile shears) stand out due to their reliability and longevity, this steelworker is particularly in demand as a second-hand machine. Below you can see some example pictures of different Peddinghaus steelworker with the individual processing stations.


Peddinghaus Peddimax No.1 steel worker with 4 working stations
Peddinghaus Peddimaster 800-1100 steelworker with 4 working stations
Peddinghaus Peddiworker ironworker with 4 working stations
Peddinghaus Steelworker Peddimax with angle and bar shear unit
Peddimax No.1 with flat shear
Notching unit on Peddomax No.1 steelworker
hydraulic punching unit of Peddinghaus Peddimax No.1

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