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Saws, circular saw and band saw machines

In the steel and metal processing industry saws are usually used in the form of band saws or circular saws. For cutting steel profiles and flat material the use of circular saws or band saws is one possibility, the other one is the thermal cutting process.

A distinction is made between vertical band saws and horizontal band saws. For many years nenok machines delivers the appropriate band saw or circular saw as used machine. The economic efficiency of a saw depends a lot on the use of good saw blades. For our used band saws produced by Amada, Meba, Kaltenbach, Voortman, Behringer, Kasto, Ficep, Sabi, Jeaspa etc. we recommend the high performance band saw blades from Röntgen (Remscheid). The bi-alfa saw blades of Röntgen achieve a long service life and at the same time a high cutting capacity. For our used circular saws produced by Kaltenbach, Trennjaeger, Eisele and Peddinghaus we recommend the use of segmental circular saw blades from Arntz or Lennartz. Nenok offers these kind of disc saw baldes at attractive conditions.
The decision for the use of a circular saw or a band saw depends a lot on the parts to be processed as well as on the age of the metal saw. For slicing sectional beams of middle sized profiles (200 mm up to 600 mm) in the steel processing industry band saws have become established. Large and heavy profiles starting from 600 mm will continue to be sawn either with circular saws produced by Kaltenbach or Peddinghaus as with modern high performance band saws.
As the cutting technology continously creates new products intensive advice by the manufacturer of the machine or by nenok is recommended. In the steel processing industry most profiles have to be cut and drilled, therefor saw drill lines are often used in combination.
The advantage of these saw drill lines is the low space required and the staff reduction by needing just one machine operator.

Bandsaw blade on Bandsaw cutting of steel beam
circular saw balde on disc saw cutting of steel beam
bandsaw with roller feed measuring system
Voortman bandsaw VB 1250 for cutting of steel beam
Ficep bandsaw in combination with Ficep beam drill line
Bauer vertical bandsaw

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