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Circular saw blade cutting heavy steel beam
Kaltenbach disk saw cutting profil steel beam

Disk saw, circular saw

Circular saws are saws with a circular saw blade which is particularly equipped for metal processing due to its HSS tool steel cutting edges or its carbide cutting edges. Nenok works with and for clients within the steel processing industry and the metal construction industry. That’s why our circular saws are suitable only for metal processing. Large circular saw machines, such as the Peddinghaus cold circular saw LC1000 or LC1250 and the Kaltenbach high performance circular saw HDM1400 or HDM1432, are equipped with segmental saw blades.These segmental saw blades with a diameter of 1000 mm, 1250 mm and 1430 mm can be regrind several times and single segments can be changed. Due to their high cutting performance and their straight saw cut the large high performance saws are most suitable for the heavy steel construction industry.

Kaltenbach circular saw HDM 1431 in conjunction with a Kaltenbach KDX 1215 drilling rig for profile machining in the steel trade
Automatic circular saw Kaltenbach KKS401NA in use in a steel construction company
Kaltenbach KKS 401 NA circular saw machine as used machine
Kaltenbach KKS 401 NA Circular saw machine with feed magazine

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