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Shot blast machines, shotblasting lines, roller conveyor blast machines

Shot blasting is used in the steel processing industry and on shipyards for derusting, deburring and to remove scale from sheet metal plates, steel plates or steel profiles.
In blast machines the abrasive is thrown by blast wheel turbines on the structural component with high speed in order to remove the particles from the contaminated surface.

The quality of the cleaning depends on the initial velocity, the entering point and the blade (bucket) shape.
In order to minimize the blast machines wearing-out process the inner space of a continuous blasting machine is  lined with wear-resistant manganese steel.

Additionally some providers install exchangeable wear-plates in the area of the blasting zone. After the blasting process the blasted sheet plates and profiles are cleaned from abrasive and dust by using a blow-off and brush unit. The abrasive captured during that process is then cleaned and returned to the abrasive storage bunker by bucket conveyor belts. The blasting medium circuit is then closed and can be used for the next structural component. As far as the emitted dust is concerned it is important to use an appropriate dust filter system.
Of course the structural components should be cleaned quickly and effectively. Therefore it is necessary to take into consideration the energy consumption and the quality of the workmanship of a blasting machine.

Since an ongoing blasting machine has a high need of energy for its blast turbines and is subjected to a high level of wear due to the use of abrasive it is important to only choose a used blasting machine by a top provider.

You find good reliable shot blast machines from manufacturers such as Kaltenbach, Voortman, Gietart, Rösler, Agtos, Ficep,Rump, Schlick, Wheelabrator etc.

Of course it is possible to find a new low cost blasting machine, but these machines get worn at much too soon; moreover, the relocation and putting into operation as a used machine is almost impossible.

For this reason nenok is focused on handle exclusively quality blast machines of the abovementioned providers. On top of that, we gladly provide the appropriate roller conveyors and chain conveyors for your plant.

steel beam before shot blasting
steel beam after shot blasting
Gietart Shot blaster with 6 turbines
infeed side of shot blaster with steel plates
outfeed side of shot blaster after blasting of steel plates

You want to sell your used shotblaster?

Nenok is interested in your well-maintained used shotblaster, be it a continuous shot blaster, roller blast machines or an airblast cabinet etc. Give us your price and quote us your used equipment. In addition to the manufacturer name and type, we need the following information from you:

  • Manufacturer (e.g., Gietart, Kaltenbach, Rösler, Schlick, Wheelabrator, Rump, Agtos)
  • Machine type (e.g. RB 3000, GW 1500 ....)
  •  Year of construction (the age of the blasting machine should not exceed 16 years)
  • Operating hours divided into beam hours and switch-on hours
  • Photos from different perspectives
  • retail price
  • Is the blasting machine still in operation and when can it be visited?
  • Passage height and width (the dimensions of which component can be blasted)
  • Number, power and type of jet turbines
  • Roller conveyors, length and width
  • Filter system (type of filter system)
  • Brushing direction (available?)
  • Sound insulation device (Is a sound insulation housing available?)
  • Length, width and height of blasting machine, as well as depth of the foundation
  • Is there an according crane for loading onto a truck?

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