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Transport systems for steel processing

Transport systems in steel construction, metal construction and the steel trade are necessary as peripheral equipment to ensure economical material transport of sheet metal and profiles to and from production machines, assembly stations and welding stations. The transport system therefore plays an important and central role in ensuring smooth production. Managing the material flow by crane or forklift is cost-intensive and much more dangerous in terms of occupational safety. The productivity of a steel construction plant is therefore significantly increased by the use of transport systems. The automatic transportation and depositing of profiles and flat material is therefore an important economic factor in steel processing.

The basic components of a transport system are the roller conveyors for the longitudinal transportation of the material. These are usually electrically driven and are operated by the machine operator via a control panel. Cross tractors are also used in the material infeed and outfeed of the respective machine for depositing or moving the material crosswise. Cross tractors or cross drag systems are available in the basic version as a chain drag system or as a lifting carriage system. With the chain drag system, the material is moved crosswise by a drag cam attached to a chain. With the more complex lifting carriage system, the material is lifted by a hydraulically or electrically driven lifting beam and then moved crosswise.

As the demand for automation of processing centers is constantly increasing, fully automatic transport systems are also available for modern CNC-controlled saws, drilling systems, blasting systems, flat steel processing centers, angle punching shear systems, etc. built from around 2012 onwards. Here, the material is automatically fed into the CNC system and the finished workpieces such as profiles or flat steel are transported away into a material buffer (cross conveyor). Remaining pieces are removed from the material cycle and moved to the scrap container, for example. These modern production lines are controlled and monitored fully automatically so that they can also process the material to be produced from the material buffer unmanned during a night shift.

As a specialist for used machines, tools and accessories in steel construction, Nenok always has affordable used roller conveyors, roller conveyors, cross conveyors and chain conveyors from various manufacturers such as Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer, Meba, Vernet, Gietart and Rösler available.

Buy used roller conveyors and cross transfer tractors from Nenok.

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Kaltenbach transport system T13 for the material transport
Kaltenbach transport sytem cross transfer tables and roller conveyer for the material transport
Intec chain cross transfers for transport from profiles and sheets through a drying oven
Kaltenbach transport system with cross transfers in a chain system
Kaltenbach transport sytem on saw drill line with roller conveyers and cross transfer tables as a chain system
transport system with roller conveyers and cross transfer tables for the profile transport between a Kaltenbach drill line and a Gietart shot blasting machine
transport system concerning of cross transfer tables and roller conveyers for the infeed side of a shot blasting machine Kaltenbach Sprint 1504
transport system with roller conveyers and cross transfer tables for the outfeed of a saw drill line

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