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Rotator Turning device

Stierli Rotator turning device

The Stierli Rotator is a modern welding turning device that enables economical and effective welding production in steel construction, metal construction and plant construction. Heavy steel components are quickly and safely brought into the desired welding position using this turning device and can thus be welded or processed under ergonomically optimal conditions. Particularly heavy construction parts with unit weights of up to 12,000 kg are easily rotated without endangering the employees. The support arms are opened to insert large cross-sections into the chains.
The stable rotator from the manufacturer Stierli-Bieger from Switzerland improves the elaborate and time-consuming transflicting of steel profiles and welding structures with the crane. The crane is again available for other tasks and is only needed for inserting and removing the welding structures.

The use of fine-tuned chains, including the grounding connection, distinguishes this robust turning device. Of course, the use is also economical for the turning of other components. A relocation of the rotator in the workshop is possible simply by a crane or a lift truck or forklift truck.
In addition to special solutions and various accessories, the high-quality Stierli Rotator is available in the standard versions:
ROTATOR 600 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity
ROTATOR 1000 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity
ROTATOR 1500 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity
ROTATOR 2000 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity
ROTATOR 2500 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity
ROTATOR 3000 with 6 t or 12 t turning capacity

Nenok, as a used machine dealer, is constantly interested in a well-preserved used ROTATOR welding turning device. If you no longer need your Stierli rotary device, we are interested for buying your device.

Stierli Rotator 1000 welding rotator
Stierli Rotator 1000 in operation for welding steel structure
Stierli Rotator 1000 for welding in the right position

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