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Petry Wendomat

The Petry Wendomat is a modern turning device for economic and ergonomic welding in the steel processing industry. Heavy steel components (such as lattice towers, bridge profiles, crane girders and other steel constructions) are put into the desired position by the turning device and can be welded with optimal ergonomic conditions. Also heavy and bulky construction parts with piece weights of 50 kN and a cross section of 900 x 1000 mm, or even parts with arches and brackets (up to 700 mm), can be turned easily and without risk to employees thanks to the use of the Petry Wendomat. For inserting the large cross sections support arms are opened manually or hydraulically.The use of plastic coated steel mesh lifting straps ensures the smooth and safe turning of  the construction parts.The wendomat was a revolution for the until then costly and time-consuming turning of steel beams and therefore contributes to the increase of productivity and safety in the steel processing industry. Nenok is constantly interested in used Wendomat turning devices.

Petry Wendomat turning device for easy welding
Turning of H beam for easy welding
Pair of Petry Wendomat
Welding with Petry Wendomat

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