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Welding is one of the main proceedings in the steel and metal construction industry. Besides screw and - sometimes still used -  rivet connections welding as permanent connection is among the most used types of connection in the steel construction industry. There are many different welding procedures for most varied applications.

The following welding procedures are used inter alia in the steel construction industry, in bridge and ship construction and in the metal construction industry.

UP welding /submerged arc welding

This kind of welding procedure belongs to arc welding and is used starting from a sheet thickness of 6 mm. The liquid melt produced by the arc is protected by a powder against ambient atmosphere. As submerged arc welding delivers a very good welding performance it contributes to the efficiency in steel construction, ship construction, tank construction and bridge construction.

More details about welding applications in the steel construction industry will follow.

Welding in the steel processing industry

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