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Welding robot

Welding robot

Welding robots and automatic welding systems for economical automatic welding in steel construction and special machine construction. The use of a welding robot is very economical in the case of recurring welding tasks on similar component dimensions. Also due to the lack of suitable skilled workers the use of automatic welding systems is becoming more and more necessary. The improved programming of the welding robot systems allows for a versatile and efficient use. Known manufacturers of automatic welding robot systems are companies such as Cloos, IMS, Falk Welding etc.

Automatic profile welding system

Integrated system solutions for the tacking and welding of profile beams have existed for several years for automated steel construction. These high-tech welding systems are available from well-known manufacturers such as Zeman (Steel Beam Assembler), Voortman (The Fabricator) etc. In these welding systems, the profiles and plates are captured by a 3D scanner and automatically measured. A handling robot positions the plates and other attachments such as angles, U-profiles, etc. to the exact welding position specified by the CNC control. The robot arm holds the component at the position until another robot has executed the tacking operation. Subsequently, the complete welding process is continued automatically by the robots. In this fully automatic production cell, a complete steel component has been produced unmanned and without production faults.
So far, these plants are still very expensive and only a few steel construction companies are able to afford such systems. However, the increasing personnel costs and the lack of skilled manpower make these systems viable.

Cloos welding robot
Automatic welding system Zeman Steel beam Assembler

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