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Carbide drills, oil feed drills, cooling liquid

Wintersale of high performance Carbide drills, Solid carbide drills, oil feed drills and cooling liquid at nenok tools

It is a tradition for the last 18 years that nenok offers its customers from steel construction and steel trade the opportunity to fill up thier tool stock for the New Year at competitive low prices. Order your required quality tools for your drill lines at special prices from Nenok tools in Cologne until 15 December 2014.

HSS Inner coolant drill - oil feed drills

Available from Nenok in diameters ranging from 8 mm up to 50 mm

Solid carbide drills with Fire coating

Available from Nenok with coolant ducts with diameters ranging from 6,8 mm up to 20 mm in tool lengths of 3 x D, 5 x D, 7 x D

KSEM carbide drills from Kennametal

Available at Nenok with collant duct with diameter ranging from 12,5 mm up to in tool lengths of drill bodies of 3 x D, 5 x D, 7 x D

Coolant lubricant nencool DS 10 and minimal quantity coolant lubricant nencool micro

nencool DS 10 is water-soluble and will be mixed with water, especially suitable for older type drill lines with HSS drills.

nencool micro as minimal quantity coolant lubricant is suitable for modern drill lines equipped with micro dispensing