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Carnival in Cologne

"Kölle Alaaf!" - Welcome to the fifth season in Cologne on the Rhine

Every year, the carnival season begins in the previous year on 11th 11 at 11:11 clock. On the Alter Markt in Cologne's Old Town, the new Cologne triumvirate is presented with a lot of music, fancy and colorful costumes, no matter what kind of weather, and thousands of Cologne residents and arriving Jecken celebrate the Carnival opening.
The fifth season reaches its peak at the so-called street carnival, during 6 crazy days between Weiberfastnacht and Ash Wednesday. Then the triumvirate - consisting of prince, peasant and maiden - takes over the regency over the city.
During this period, most carnival events take place: these include numerous district parades, the Schull- un Veedelszoch, where the Cologne schools present themselves in the carnival, of course, the nationwide well-known “Rosenmontagszug” (Rose Monday Parade) and all the many carnival parties in beautifully decorated pubs or other locations.

But even before that the party starts at many different carnival balls of the individual local associations (Veedel). Popular dance and music groups, numerous Büttenredner and a sheer inexhaustible selection of old and new carnival songs inspire the Kölner Jecken.
We also love this cheerful tradition with a lot of dancing and singing (and one or two Kölsch, the regional beer ...). Therefore, on Friday, 9 February only an emergency staff is on duty and on Rose Monday, February 12, our operation is closed.