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Circular Saw Replacement at a Peddinghaus saw drill line

Machine downtime or inaccurate saw cuts in a saw and drill line are a serious problem for a steel construction company, which generates considerable additional costs. In this case, quick help is urgently needed to avoid considerable rework or the purchase of sawn steel profiles.

We are proud of how our technicians swapped a defective Peddinghaus circular saw for a reconditioned Nenok circular saw for one of our steel construction customers and put it back into operation in just 3 days.

At the same time, the planning for the delivery, the disassembly of the defective old saw and the preparation for a smooth assembly and recommissioning took place.

The Peddinghaus type LC-TDK is a robust, reliable machine that has been used internationally in steelworks for many years. Nevertheless, this machine is naturally subject to the usual wear. Since 1993, this machine has reliably sawn and drilled many thousands of profiled beams. More than 7 years ago, the Nenok’s Peddinghaus saw and drill line was equipped with new electrical equipment and a new Fagor CNC control system, which made the system state-of-the-art again for many years to come. Thus, the short-term purchase of a new machine would not bring economic benefits to the steelmake. In addition, our customer would not have achieved a short-term solution to his production problems due to the long delivery times of a new machine.

The replaced Peddinghaus LC 1250 is well-known for precise sawing of heavy steel profiles and, in combination with a TDK 1000 drill line, is equipped with a miter cut for bevel cuts. The length measurement takes place via the roller measuring system of the drilling line TDK 1000 and is controlled by the Fagor CNC.