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used shot blaster for steel processing

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As one of the leading suppliers of used machines and plants with the main focus on steel processing, Nenok is also intensively active in the market of used shotblasting lines.

Especially shotblast machines of the manufacturer Gietart, one of the leading manufacturers of continuous blasting machines, have been standing for reliability and efficiency in automatic cleaning and descaling of steel profiles and flat steel for many years. The affiliation to the Kaltenbach Group from Lörrach has resulted in many positive synergies for both companies. Due to the numerous subsidiaries and country representations, the service, the supply of wear parts as well as the availability of spare parts for the blasting systems are customer-friendly. Not only, but also for this reason, the purchase of these following attractive used blasting machines is worthwhile.

Gietart Sprint 2508 shot blaster
(the older type designation is Gietart GW2500-815)
Year of construction 2010

The used Gietart Sprint 2508 has an aperture of 2.600 mm x 600 mm and is equipped with 8 jet turbines type C380. The blast wheel turbines have a drive power of 11 kW each.


Gietart GW 1500-410 shot blaster
Year of construction 2000

The used Gietart GW 1500-410 has a passage opening of 1.600 mm x 600 mm and is equipped with 4 jet turbines type C350. The blast wheel turbines have a drive power of 7.5 kW each.


Gietart Sprint 2.6 shot blaster
Year of construction 2007

The used Gietart Sprint 2.6 has an opening of 2.550 mm x 650 mm and is equipped with 6 blast wheels type C380. The blast wheel turbines have a drive power of 11 kW each.

In some regions of the world, blasting plants are also called sandblasting plants or wheelblasting plants. In modern steel construction, plant engineering and steel trade, blasting plants are absolutely necessary machines to prepare for further machining processes such as welding and conservation. The further processing methods such as drilling, thread cutting, countersinking, thermal cutting, sawing, milling and marking are also positively influenced by previous blasting. The cutting results are more accurate and the tools have less wear and tear, as impurities and the hard scale layer have been removed.

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