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Inner coolant drills for steel processing

Inner coolant drills for high speed drilling

Since more than 15 years nenok is one of the leading supplier for HHS inner coolant drills, solid carbide drills and carbide drill inserts like KSEM from KENNAMETAL. The best cooling of all drills are at the cutting edge to perform short cycletimes and long tool life.

Our customers in the field of steel processing with beam drill lines and plate processing machines have more and more high-capacity machines in operation that are able to drill with high speed carbide drills.

Today all leading supplieres of beam drill lines and plate processing machines like Danobat, Daito, Ficep, KALTENBACH, Peddinghaus, Vernet and VOORTMAN are able to deliver machines with high speed drill units that are able to use solid carbide drills or KSEM inner coolant carbide drills.

Nenok is constantly in close contact to the leading machine manufacturers and steel processing companies and therefore absolutely aware of the great technical responsibility for our customers.

We offer used machines and tools with highest quality to cost-effective conditions. Improve your productivity with quality drills and machines from nenok.

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