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Inner coolant drills of 8 mm and 9 mm available

Inner coolant drills / oel feed drills with diameter of 8 mm and 9 mm for attractive prices available.

In the past drill diameter below 10 mm have been used seldom for steel processing in the steel structure industry and had therefore less demand.
Due to the high requirements in machining mild steel the durability of tools was a special challenge for inner coolant drills with small diameters. Thanks to the increasing quality of tool steels and new drill lines with high driving power the use of small HSS drills has become possible.

In order to cover the increasing demand for this kind of HSS inner coolant drills they are available in stock at Nenok in Cologne. Of course the Nenok inner coolant drills (oel feed drills) are equipped with radial and axial cooling channel.

The MK 2 morse taper provides a good stability within the drilling spindle. For more than 15 years Nenok is your specialist for inner coolant drills used in steel processing industry, steel trading and metal industry.

We deliver premium quality tools "Made in Germany" at reasonable prices.