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Innovative Steel Processing Technology at Voortman in Rijssen

On the occasion of the Product Introduction Days 2010 at company VOORTMAN in Rijssen (The Netherlands), the latest machine systems for modern steel construction were exhibited.

On the 4th and 5th February 2010 numerous steel construction companies from all over the world came to attend a perfectly organised high-tech exhibition. VOORTMAN presented the latest machine systems varying from a common drilling machine for beams VOORTMAN V600 to a fully-automatic saw-drill-line VOORTMAN V630 combined with a high-performance band sawing machine VOORTMAN V1250. Visitors could see the machines in full operation and were impressed by the high machining speed. The machines were equipped with carbide tools make KENNAMETAL and RÖNTGEN. Further high-performance machines such as the beam coping line VOORTMAN V808M fitted with plasma equipment make HYPERTHERM inspired the visitors. A complete new drilling and thermal CNC controlled system for processing plates VOORTMAN V330 was introduced. Visitors could see further machines such as the punching and shearing system for plates and angle steel VOORTMAN V550, the punching and shearing system for angle steel VOORTMAN V505, the plate drilling system VOORTMAN V200 and the plate punching system VOORTMAN V250. In order to make the Product Introduction Days perfect, visitors were informed about the latest developments and innovations in terms of shot blasting and painting systems.

VOORTMAN’s modern engineering concepts show how to minimize costs by using sophisticated systems of production automation. Finally VOORTMAN surprised its visitors with a tour around their powerful sister production facility.