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Young Kaltenbach band saws, beam drilling machines and flame cutting machines with transport system immediately available

Take the opportunity to buy a modern and top maintained used Kaltenbach machine for steel processing.

To modernize a production line in steel construction or steel trade it is not necessarily necessary to purchase a new machine. Often, inexpensive young used machines for sawing, drilling, threading, marking, oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting and notching are an economical alternative here.

In May 2021 we have available for you the following steel processing machines and equipment of the manufacturer Kaltenbach from Lörrach. Please note that the prior sale of a used machine is reserved at any time.
Since often only a few identical machines of one machine type are available on the market, a quick purchase decision of the interested party is important. Basically we try to show our customers the available machines still at the old production site and demonstrate them if possible. However, since this is not always possible and the machines are in our Cologne machine warehouse for overhaul or storage, we have often created a detailed photo documentation or video recording. Depending on the machine type, many used machines are also with us in demonstration-ready condition. Of course, the services of professional disassembly, transport and assembly at the new location are part of our comprehensive range of services.

Young reliable used Kaltenbach structural steel machines from Nenok:

Kaltenbach KBS 620 DG y.o.c 2016

This Kaltenbach KBS 620 DG horizontal bandsaw is equipped with a swiveling length measuring carriage and an extensive T 13 transport system. The design of this bandsaw line is particularly suitable for use in a steel trade.

Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG y.o.c 2016

This Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG horizontal bandsaw is also equipped with a swiveling length measuring carriage and an extensive T 13 transport system consisting of roller conveyors and cross conveyor systems. The equipment of this bandsaw system is also especially designed for the use in a steel trade. It is also possible to reduce the size of the transport system and thus optimize its use for normal sawing operations.

Kaltenbach KDM 615 - KBS750 DG y.o.c 2011

This compact and powerful Kaltenbach KDM 615 - KBS 750 DG drilling-sawing machine is equipped with a clamp measuring carriage for the length measurement of the profile beams and a material transport system equipped with T13. The Kaltenbach KDM 615 drilling line has 3 high performance drilling units with a high drive power and high spindle speeds to fully utilize the drilling power of the carbide tools. To enable a quick tool change, each drilling unit has a 5-fold tool changer. In addition, the drilling machine is prepared for contour marking from all 4 sides. The Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG band saw is designed for double miter cuts. This Kaltenbach combination machine is ideally suited for the hard daily production routine for automatic sawing, drilling, tapping, center punching, countersinking and marking for a steel construction company or plant manufacturer.

Kaltenbach KC 1200 notching robot y.o.c 2003

The Kaltenbach KC 1200 notching robot is an oxyfuel cutting system using an oxyfuel torch from a robot for all notching operations on sectional beams. The notching robot is mounted on a gantry above the roller conveyor. Length measurement in the X-axis is performed by a clamp measuring carriage. A T 13 transport system with infeed and outfeed roller conveyor and cross tractors is part of the notching system.

Kaltenbach KF 1505 Sheet metal processing center y.o.c 2008

The Kaltenbach KF 1505 sheet metal processing center is suitable for drilling and flame cutting of flat steel and steel sheets up to a sheet size of (width x length) 1500 x 6000 mm. For flame cutting, either an oxyfuel torch or a Hypertherm plasma torch is used, depending on the sheet thickness. A drilling unit with tool changer is suitable for drilling with HSS drills and carbide drills. A clamp measuring carriage ensures the exact machining position of the sheet metal plate in the X-axis.

All of the steel fabrication equipment listed above is in very good condition and is available at short notice.

For the exact scope of equipment and accessories as well as technical data please refer to our offers or the machine descriptions on our website.