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Kaltenbach KKS 401 NA fully-automatic universal circular saw used machine

As a used machine, the Kaltenbach KKS 401 NA fully automatic universal circular saw is an ideal addition to modern steel construction, metal construction, plant engineering, and steel trading.

The Kaltenbach automatic circular saw is optimally designed for sawing round material up to 150 mm in diameter, for flat material up to 240 mm x 80 mm and for profiles up to 140 mm x 140 mm. The circular saw machine Nenok retrofitted is equipped with a material supply magazine / loading lager and an automatic material supply. The loading system designed for a maximum of 12 m bars / profiles enables a simple material supply to ensure an automatic sawing operation. The discharge side is designed for material lengths up to 6 m. A section gripper enables the sorting out of cuts, remnants and production parts in different section lengths. This makes the Kaltenbach KKS suitable for economic processing of medium and large series. A powerful drive and a stable saw gear are the basis for a quiet and reliable sawing process. The saw cut is made on the KKS 401 NA with a D = 450 mm HSS saw blade from bottom to top. The hydraulic saw blade feed is variably adjustable. HSS solid steel saw blades or HSS segment saw blades with a cutting width of 5 mm are used as well. The automatic circular saws are programmed via the touchscreen on the convenient machine control. Here, lengths, mitres and numbers as well as feed values ​​and cutting speed are set. The necessary production data can be entered directly at the machine or they can be transferred from the office to the machine via data interface in DSTV format. The Kaltenbach Proficut software contains an extensive profile database and shows the user the necessary production data with graphical support. Since the intermediate sale is always reserved for our used machines, it may be that our Kaltenbach KKS401 NA built in 2004 is no longer available. If this is the case, we will help you to find another suitable plant for your production. We would be happy to arrange an offer for a new reliable Kaltenbach Circular Saw for you!