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Kaltenbach plate processing machines WBZ 1500 and KF 1505

Used Kaltenbach machine WBZ 1000, WBZ 1500 and KF 1505 for economic plate processing on attractive sale at nenok machines

Used plate processing machines of the well known manufacturer Kaltenbach in Germany are reliable and powerfull for a second live. Take the opportunity of a good quality used machine from nenok for very attractive conditions.

Worldwide steel processing companies are using CNC controlled machines for drilling and burning of base plates and fittings. Since the market is very competitive not every company is able to effort a new machine of the latest technology. Therfore used plate processing machines from nenok are a good alternative to save money with the additional benefit of short delivery times.

The Kaltenbach WBZ 1500 and the Kaltenbach KF 1505 plate processing machine are equipped with one drill unit together with a tool changer for 5 drills. HSS inner collant drills can be used. For the flame cutting process you are able to use Propan or Acetylen Gas or the high powerfull plasma unit Hypertherm HT 2000. The plate programming can take place on the CNC control at the machine or in the office.

Available plate processing machines from nenok machines:

  • Peddinghaus FDB 600 y.o.c. 2001
  • Peddinghaus FDB 600 y.o.c. 1990
  • Peddinghaus FDB 600 y.o.c. 1993
  • Peddinghaus FDB 1000 y.o.c. 1993
  • Kaltenbach WBZ 1000 y.o.c. 1994
  • Kaltenbach WBZ 1500 y.o.c. 1998
  • Kaltenbach KF 1505 y.o.c. 2001