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KSEM carbide drills from Kennametal with new prices

KSEM carbide drills with new prices starting 2014

KSEM carbide drills from Kennametal are one of the most econominal drills on modern drilling machines in the steel processing industry.

The investment for tools with high power and innovation is remarkable and therefore continously development efforts are necessary. This additional benefit requirers a modification of the calculation, especially considering the increasing costs for carbide material.

In the new year Nenok will continue to optimise the tooling life time in order to save costs by using carbide drills. We keep close contact to the leading tool manufacturers and therefore we are always updated regarding new developments.

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Nenok is one of the leading tools supplier in the steel processing industry and offers premium inner coolant drills, carbide drills and solid carbide drills with long tool life for cost savings.

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