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Latest machine technology for steel processing on the EMO 2013 in Hannover and Cutting & Welding 2013 in Essen

Nenok recommends to visit both international trade fairs

EMO 2013 in Hannover (16.- 21.September 2013)
Welding & Cutting in Essen (16.- 21.September 2013)

These two industrial fairs are always worth a visit to inform about the latest machine and cutting tool technology.

Lots of machine manufacturer coming from the segments of sawing, drilling, burning, bending, punching, shearing are presenting their newest machines.

At the EMO the well-known machine manufacturers Behringer, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Meba, Peddinghaus, Voortman, Vernet etc. are exhibiting their current machines to the international expert audience.

Furthermore the big tooling manufacturer are showing their latest drilling tools, saw blades, punching tools and flame cutting equipment.

Inner coolant drills, KSEM carbide drills, solid carbide drills will be exhibited at the EMO show. Kennametal, Gühring, Hartner, Walter, Wikus, Röntgen, Arntz etc. are just a gap of a wide range of exhibitors presenting their latest high performance cutting tools.

The manufacturer of flame cutting equipment will be found on the Cutting & Welding show in Essen.

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With Nenok tools you will find premium tools like oil feed - inner coolant drills, KSEM carbide drills, solid carbide drills, saw blades, punching and dies, injectors, flame cutting equipment etc.

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