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Nenok wishes you a happy new year 2018!

Nenok wishes its customers and business partners in the steel construction, steel trading and metal construction industry a successful year 2018.

The past year will be remembered by many of our international customers and business partners as a turbulent but economically successful year. There was plenty of work and orders had to be processed at the earliest possible date. The demand for steel constructions rose steadily, so that many steel construction companies reached their capacity limits. Also companies specialized in steel processing, were mostly fully booked. The machine manufacturers for band saws, beam drill lines, flame cutting machines, shot blast machines, etc. had full order books as well and therefor extended delivery times for new machinery and equipment.

A similar development is expected for the year 2018. Many steel construction companies and steel traders have optimized their production with new and used machines and, despite a shortage of skilled workers, are well prepared for the new year.

Nenok is looking forward to a continued good and successful cooperation.