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Peddinghaus beam drill line TDK 1000 test run

Reliability counts - regardless of whether it is a new or a used machine.

A detailed test run with the appropriate processing material, in this case a steel profile, is part of the standard process for Nenok with every machine delivery. This test run is either still carried out at the old location of the former owner before the machine is dismantled or, as in this project, it takes place at the Peddinghaus beam drilling machine before delivery to the new owner. So in the following case this used Peddinghaus TDK 1000 beam drill line was also subjected to a thorough and professional test run by the Nenok plant technicians.

One of our long-time customers from England had already received a Peddinghaus FDB 600 plate processing machine and a Kaltenbach KD 603 beam drill line years ago. The successful use of these processing machines significantly improved his order volume and he had to invest in a larger drilling machine for profiles up to 1000 mm profile size. Here he decided to buy a used Peddinghaus TDK 1000-9 drilling machine with a Siemens control retrofit. In order to check the reliability of the drilling line before it will go in operation at the customer's site, the drilling line was intensively tested in our Cologne plant. Here our customer again benefits from the many years of experience of our service technicians. In this case, the team of technicians consists of Gary, one of our senior technicians, who has been working as a proven expert in steel construction for decades, and Shorsh, who supports his colleague and thereby expands his own knowledge at the same time. First, the two technicians carefully check the computer settings of the Siemens control system and the associated programming software from Farm Design. Since everything is running to satisfaction here, the second step is to check the settings of the hydraulics and the measuring functions of the machine. After several test operations and tolerance determinations, the system is prepared for dismantling and transport to the customer.

The used Peddinghaus TDK 1000 drill line is characterized by high reliability and is also a good and inexpensive alternative for drilling steel profiles as a used machine.

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