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Petry Wendomat for sale

Used Wendomat from Petry available

Used Petry Wendomat available for sale
The Petry Wendomat is one of the first economically and ergonomically designed welding units that make welding in the steel construction and steel trade much easier. The employee (welding technician) can process the workpiece (profile carrier) in an optimal position.
In the meantime there are some replicas of the Wendomat in the market, but the Petry Wendomat is still in a class of its own. The Petry Wendomat has a reversible belt made of plastic coated steel mesh. This enables the workpiece to be turned without jerking. At present Nenok can offer you two well preserved Petry Wendomat. The used but very well preserved turning devices are available as Wendomat type B1 and type B2. One turning device consists of 2 frames which are movable. In this case the Wendomat HY B2 and HY B1 can be operated with a radio remote control.

The Wendomat type HY B2 from y.o.p. 2002 with hydraulic opening adjustment
The Wendomat type HY B1 from y.o.p. 2001 with mechanical opening adjustment
Send us your inquiry and we will be happy to make you an offer.

If you do not use a turning device anymore we are interested in buying used Petry turning machines or a Stierli Rotator.