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Retrofit of used Peddinghaus beam saw drill line LC-TDK 1000

Retrofit of used Peddinghaus beam saw drill line LC-TDK 1000

Despite of extreme low temperatures up to – 18° Celsius, nenok’s experienced technicians successfully carried out a mechanical overhauling and retrofitted the CNC-control of a nearly 20 years old PEDDINGHAUS saw-drill line between Christmas and New Year.

Thanks to optimal preparatory works, well-founded technical experience and the active support of the customer, the comprehensive mechanical and electrical retrofit of a CNC-controlled saw-drill line could be made in a little while. Now the reconditioned saw-drill line is as good as new.

First of all the beam-saw-drill-line was cleaned thoroughly, disassembled completely and afterwards all the electrical components were removed. Only the base frame and the single components of the old saw-drill line remained. After the replacement of the mechanical components such as the drill spindles, the bearings, the drive rolls and the sealing, the installation of the complete new control-components and the electronics was made. The electronics was prepared at nenok’s site before.In addition to the most important component, the CNC-control make FAGOR, the new electrical high-quality components such as drive motors, final drives, rotary encoders and measuring systems were connected to new electric cables. Thereafter the new FAGOR CNC-control with its new Farm software were installed and the experienced users were trained and instructed.

After the re-commissioning of the retrofitted saw-drill line, both the customer and the nenok-team were well proud of its successful realisation. Now the PEDDINGHAUS saw-drill line is set up for many production hours of the following years. The replacement of the CNC-control serves the customer as a security. The retrofit makes a worthwhile contribution to the value of the PEDDINGHAUS saw-drill line in case that the old CNC-control SIEMENS Sinumerik 3G breaks down and in case of a limited availability of its spare parts.

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