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Rotomax R 30000 load turning device for sale at attractive price

ROTOMAX®- load turning device is perfectly designed for safe turning of heavy goods

Vetter ROTOMAX® - load turning device Typ R30000/3,0 in very good condition available from Nenok. Especially in the steel processing industry it is often necessaray to turn and rotate bulky components.  The high capacity of the Rotomax turning device is perfectly suitable for welding heavy loads in the steel processing industry. The components get turned carefully and can be stopped at any desired position. Our used ROTOMAX load turning device has a carrying capacity of 30 t. The ROTOMAX Type R is the basic loading device with fixed belt distance. The distance between the driving wheels is 3000 mm. The turning device is also used in the precast concrete industry and plant engineering in order to handle valuable goods safely.

ROTOMAX® is a registered trademark of Vetter from Siegen