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Saw-drill line for small steel profiles in the structural steel fabrication

The very compact Peddinghaus DSC 300 structural steel saw-drill line is designed for sawing and drilling small beam profiles, angle steel, flat steel and hollow profiles up to 300 mm in size.

Many structural steel fabricators and steel traders have a large drilling and sawing line in their production which is designed for profile sizes from 600 mm to 1000 mm and more. Of course it is also possible to manufacture small profiles with a large saw-drill combination, but this is not very economical. Besides, there is not always enough space available for a large system and the financial outlay is not negligible either in terms of purchase or operation.

The good alternative is a used machine from Nenok, the specialist for used machines and plants for the structural steel fabricating industry and steel trading industry based in Cologne Germany.

For this reason, we recommend this space-saving and economic Peddinghaus saw-drill line, which – as a used machine - can be a real enrichment for many companies. Therefore we regularly have one or more used Peddinghaus DSC 300 in different designs on stock.

The DSC 300 (in the types A, B, C and D) consist of a stable base frame with a cold circular saw on one side and three drilling units on the other side of the frame. One vertical and two horizontal drilling units are designed with air cooling for the use of HSS cooling channel drilling in the diameter range from 8 to 27 mm. The drill bit is changed manually using quick-change drill chucks. A Peddimat measuring disc and roller feed system developed by Peddinghaus transports and measures the material to be machined (the profiles) in the X-axis. This very accurate measuring and transport system allows a compact design, as a separate measuring carriage is not required. The circular saw with a 630 mm to 710 mm segment saw blade in the version DSC 300 A is only suitable for 90 degree saw cuts and in the versions B to D with a mitre adjustment of 45 degree on the right and 22 degree on the left it is designed for a mitre cut. If you want to expose something to this smart machine development, then it would have been nice to have an even more powerful mitre adjustment available. Therefore, most of the DSC 300 have been sold as version A.

Usually a solid CNC control from Siemens is used in these machines. In combination with programming software, it is possible to acquire NC data via an interface in DSTV or DXF format and convert it in the postprocessor into the machine language for controlling the machine. This allows almost automatic profile processing.

To complete the system, a suitable transport system consisting of an infeed and outfeed roller conveyor and partly also with cross tractors is required. These material transport systems are available in various lengths and designs.

In the following some workpiece sizes which can be processed by a used Peddinghaus DSC 300:

  • Flat steel: from 50 x 10 mm to 300 x 50 mm
  • Angle steel: from 50 - 200 mm
  • U-steel: from 50 - 300 mm
  • IPE steel: from 100 - 300 mm
  • Double T steel: from 80 - 300 mm
  • IPB steel: from 100 -300 mm
  • Rectangular tube: from 50 x 30 mm to 260 x 140 mm

If a Peddinghaus DSC 300 is not sufficient for your sawing or drilling application, you will certainly find other structural steel saw-drilling systems from the 600 mm size range. Get more information on our website about our available used saw drilling lines.