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Used machines for steel processing and advent season

Steel can do everything - even Advent!

Steel Christmas trees become test material for a used Peddinghaus FDB 1000 plate processing machine

Just in time shortly before the beginning of the advent season we did not deal with the bargain purchase on this special Friday but with the function test of one of our used machines.

As one of the leading used machinery dealers specializing in machinery and equipment for steel construction, steel trade and metal construction, we regularly have well-preserved flame cutting machines and sheet metal processing centers for economical sheet metal and flat steel processing. The variants are manifold and start in this segment from the simple and cost-effective portal flame cutting machine to the modern sheet metal processing center for the complete processing of flat steel. These systems are usually equipped with one or more flame cutting units for oxyfuel and plasma cutting. Often the modern flame cutting units are further upgraded to enable an economical complete processing of sheet metal. Depending on the manufacturer, aggregates are available for drilling, center-punching, thread cutting, countersinking, milling, punching, marking and phase cutting.

In order to keep reliable used machines and equipment available for our customers worldwide, we endeavour to stock only high-quality machines from well-known manufacturers.

To keep the CNC controlled machines ready for a short-term availability, a detailed test run is part of the preparation at Nenok.

This week a used Peddinghaus FDB 1000 drilling machine was on the schedule for the test run.

To combine this extensive test run with something useful and a little fun, our technicians have designed a Christmas motif. Even though there was no mulled wine but only pizza and soft drinks, this test run was a lot of fun for everybody. Besides a nice motif on which all functions were successfully tested, there was an operator training for a junior technician. A small fir tree was chosen as a test motif on which all functions of the Peddinghaus FDB 1000 could be tested. The marking grains, drilling with HSS cooling channel drills and oxyfuel flame cutting were successfully tested. All functions and tolerances were fully satisfactory after adjustment of the operating parameters and the FDB 1000 is now ready for delivery to its future owner.

The Peddinghaus FDB 1000 is the big brother of the well known FDB 600 drilling and burning machine.

Sheets and flat steel with a size of 1000 mm width and 6000 mm length and a material thickness of 6 to 50 mm can be processed. The operator software is used to program the system. These CAM program data are then translated into the machine language by a postprocessor and transferred to the Siemens control system. All functions including the material feed and length measurement are now controlled by the Siemens CNC control.

The Peddinghaus FDB 1000, known for its reliability, is now able to carry out the production process automatically, except for the part removal.

Are you interested in a used flame cutting machine or a sheet metal processing center? Then we would be pleased to help you with the selection and procurement of the right machine for your company.