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Used Bar Wiser 28/12 on special sale

Used Bar Wiser 28/12 Pack 1 concrete steel bar cutting and bending automat in very good condition for sale at Nenok

The used Bar Wiser from Schnell (Italy) is in very good condition and for sale at a very attractive price. The cutting and bending speed for concrete steel bars of this machine is astonishing. On interest the bar Wiser automat can be seen in production at side. A Video is also available. Disassembling and assembling can be offered by nenok machines.

  • 2- level bending for work on concrete steel bars
  • Output: up to 3 concrete steel bars, 1 bar D= 8-28 mm, 2 bars each D = 8-20 mm, 3 bars eachD = 8-12 mm
  • fully automatic bar feed
  • mobile bar storage with 8 compartments for bars up to 14 m
  • bar collecting cart
  • the housing will be sold separately
  • weight: 13.850 kg
  • power consumption 16 kW/h
  • air pressure 7 bar

If you need more details on the used Bar Wiser 28/12 (from Schnell) call us at +49-221-8888260 or send us your email.