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Used beam drill line Peddinghaus BDL760 from nenok for smaller fabricators

nenok machines offers very economical beam processing machines for smaller fabricators or as second drill line for big fabricators.

The used Peddinghaus beam drill line BDL 760 is an accurate automatic drill line for drilling holes in beams, columns, channels, angles, square tubes etc.

The drill line can use inner coolant drills for fast drilling accurate holes up to 32 mm diameter. The automatic roller feed measuring system is positioning the profil to the exact position where the hole or the saw cut is to be processed. With the Siemens CNC control the drill line will receive the position data for the cutting process. Nenok is offering two used BDL760 drill lines in very good condition with the option of a bandsaw, marking unit and roller conveyors. The used Peddinghaus beam drill line with a used MEBA bandsaw or used Behringer bandsaw is able to process profil sections up to 760 mm.

nenok machines overs in addition the professionel disassembling, the transport, assembling and training.

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