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Used Kaltenbach KBS750-KDM712 beam saw drill line for sale

Used Kaltenbach beam saw drill line KBS750-KDM 712 for economic steel profile processing on attractive sale at nenok

Take the opportunity to buy a good quality used Kaltenbach saw drill line from nenok for very attractive conditions.

This used Kaltenbach saw-drill-line can be inspected in operation upon request in Germany approx. 2 hours from Cologne.

The Kaltenbach KBS750-KDM712 beam saw drill line is the ideal machine for a medium-sized steel construction company or a steel dealer. The Kaltenbach KBS 750 band-saw is designed for double-sided mitre cuts. The Kaltenbach KDM 712 beam drill line is equipped with a swivelling drill head. Two tool-changer units with 6 tool holders each enable a quick tool change. The marking unit enables automatic steel beam marking with numbers and characters. Kaltenbach Software Profiline 3 makes programming of the line very easy.


Description of the combined Kaltenbach KBS 750-KDM 712 beam saw-drill-line:

Kaltenbach KBS750 automatic mitre band saw

  • working range with mitre range
    • 90° H-beam (z.B. HEA 700) max. 750x500 mm
    • + 70° H-beam (z.B. HEA 700) max. 730x500 mm
    • - 70° H-beam (z.B. HEA 700) max. 710x500 mm
    • + 45° H-beam (z.B. HEA 550) max. 550x500 mm
    • - 45° H-beam (z.B. HEA 500) max. 520x500 mm
    • + 30° H-beam (z.B. HEA 400) max. 390x500 mm
  • Saw band size Röntgen Bi-metall-saw band 6990 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • Cutting speed infinitely variable 15 -100 m/min
  • Saw drive frequency-controlled 5,5 kW, drive for chip brush 0,18 kW, hydraulic aggregate 1,5 kW
  • Working height 640 mm above floor
  • Weight without accessories: 3100 kg

Kaltenbach KDM712 beam drill line

  • Software Profiline 3 with DSTV Modul
  • 1 pivotable drill drive for vertical and horizontal drilling incl. tool cooling suitable for HSS oel feed drills
  • Drill diameter: min. 10 mm to max. 40 mm
  • Spindle speed (infinitely variable) 200 - 2000 r/min
  • Approch fast feed / retract fast feed 30.000 mm/min
  • Rotation speed (0 - 180°) 1,5 sec
  • Drill drive 7,5 KW, frequency-controlled
  • Tool changer on right and left drill axle with 6 positions each
  • Air spray cooling suitable for HSS inner coolant oel feed drills
  • Working range angled steel min: 50x50x5 mm max: 250x250x28 mm
  • Working range I-beam min: 80x46 mm, max: 705x350 mm
  • Power consumption max. 32 kVA
  • Weight of machine without accessories: 5100 kg

Kaltenbach T12 infeed roller conveyor and T12 out feed roller conveyor

  • Infeed roller conveyor for 18,1 m material
  • Out feed roller conveyor for 12,5 m material

Kaltenbach M120 PP Length measuring unit

  • Performance positioning motor 2,2 kW
  • Measurement vehicle speed min.-max. 0-35 m/min

Kaltenbach MWD401 marking unit

  • Performance marking wheel servo drive 0,75 kW
  • Max. number of characters in one operation: 15
  • Number of characters on the marking wheel: 39 pieces
  • Number from 0-9, letters from A to Z
  • Marking depth: max. 1 mm


Suitable Nenok HSS oel feed drills and nencool cooling lubricant are available from Nenok tools.

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