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Used machines - "make new out of old!"

Used machine retrofit in steel construction and metal construction

Nenok, as a used machinery dealer in the field of steel construction and metal construction, buys machines and prepares them. There are various stages of workup. First, all used machines are cleaned from scratch and repaired. In this case, all defective parts are replaced and the machine is made fully functional again.

Here you can see an example from our stock in 2017: pictures of a used Kaltenbach KKS 401 NA circular saw. This modern sawing plant was retrofitted in our company in Cologne by our technicians after an intensive cleaning. Defective or insufficient components have been replaced. After the retrofit, the saw was fully re-commissioned for acceptance by the customer in our factory and all functions were tested. The fully automatic saw was now in perfect condition and ready for new production requirements. After selling the plant, it was delivered to a specialist company for balcony and railing construction, installed in the new environment with all safety devices and handed over to production.

The motto at Nenok remains a tradition: make new out of old!