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Used Saw-Drilling-Lines and Shot Blasting Lines for Russia and Ukraine

nenok MT receives large orders from russia and ukraine

A positive result of a long lasting customer care is the receipt of two large orders for saw-drillig-lines, shot blasting lines and flat steel processing machines. Main reason for this order has been the short availability, the qualified technical advice and the favorable price of high class used steel processing machines. These projects included the sale of different flat and angle steel handling machines like used saw-drilling lines from Kaltenbach and Peddinghaus as well as shot blasting lines from Gietart and Schlick.

Nenok MT delivers the whole service, beginning with the machine test and the compilation of the technical documents followed by the disassembling, shipment, and transport. The installation, first-time operation and instruction at the customer works is also one of nenok MT services. According to the customer request the machines will be repaired by the service technicians of nenok MT before shipment. According to the price and delivery time, used machines for steel processing are still an attractive alternative to new machines.

The noticeable revival of the East European market leads into further demands of high quality machines with favorable prices.