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Used steel processing machines - special occasion!

In search of steel processing machines? Nenok in Cologne offers a wide range of attractive used machines on special sale.

Right now Nenok machines is able to offer you a large number of attractive used machines ready to get into action at your steel processing plant. Do not hesitate - take this opportunity! In some cases over the last weeks the demand was so urgent, that machines have been sold even before we were able to make them public.

Please call us for further details: +49-221-8888260

Below you will find a selection of used steel processing machines for the steel construction industry

BIBER 3 pipe cutting machine

Pipe cutting machine suitable for cutting pipes up to 200 mm diamter with plasma cutting. The machine includes a Kjellberg Plasma source and air filter unit

Stierli Bieger RP2000 straightening and cambering machine

Hydraulic straightening and cambering machine for steel beams with press force up to 2000 kN and a stroke of 0 up to 500 mm

Ficep beam drill line

CNC controlled beam drill line for steel profiles up to 450 x 1220 mm including transport system suitable for beams up to 23,8 m length, incl. tool changer for each drill unit

Ficep circular saw

CNC controlled circular saw for steel beams up to 450 x 1250 mm including transport system for beam length up to 24 m, including marking unit.

Kaltenbach coping robot KC1200

CNC controlled gas cutting robot for coping of steel beam profiles including measuring and transport system for beam profiles up to 24 m length and a beam height of 1200 mm

Kaltenbach PROFIT LINE punching and shearing line

CNC controlled punch- drill- and shear- line for automatic processing of flat and angle material

Kaltenbach beam drill APS 615

CNC controlled beam drill line with automatic tool changer and 3 drill units

ESAB cutting machine

Cutting machine for flame cutting and plasma cutting including extraction table and filtration unit for plates of 2000 x 6000 mm

Köhne painting line with drying tunnel and chain conveyor

Continuous painting unit for steel painting of steel profiles and plates up to 2000 mm

HAANE up-welding unit BZ 6-2513 (almost y.o.p. 2014)

Under powder welding system with two welding units on rail system

Hydraulic plate shear by Varcom

Hydraulic shear for flat steel up to 2050 mm width and 15 mm plate thichness

Edge processing machine ALME

Edge processing machine for steel milling with 30 - 60°, edge heigth max. 15 mm bei 30°

Welding table in 3 m and 6 m length

Schlick ROTOJET RB 1500 shot blaster

Roller conveyor shot blaster with 4 turbines each 7,5 KW y.o.p.1994

Schlick ROTOJET RB 1500 shot blaster

Roller conveyor shot blaster with 4 turbines each 7,5 KW y.o.p.1999

Schlick Rotojet shot blaster

Roller conveyor shot blaster for big profiles and flat steel up to 2000 x 2000 mm with 8 turbines and roller conveyors