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Used Structural steel machinery

Used Structural steel machinery on sale for economic steel processing

For over 20 years Nenok is a well-known partner and specialist in the field of used structural steel machinery.

In addition to the use of new structural steel machinery, the steel construction market has always been interested in well-preserved used structural steel machinery. The decisive factor for the interest in used machines from the steel construction segment has always been a variety of economic reasons. Of course, price is usually an important criterion for investing in a used structural steel machine. But there are also numerous other reasons, such as a generally much shorter delivery time (the delivery time for a new machine can easily be 6 months or longer - which can be too long for many users!) or the specific purchase of a machine for a specific job or to cope with order peaks. Certain machine models with specific characteristics and performance features are simply no longer available on the market as a new machine. Or a used structural steel fabrication equipment is more solidly built and therefore better suited for a specific application. You can see how different the decisive arguments for the purchase of a used machine can be in individual cases!

However, if we come back to probably the most important decision criterion for investing in used structural steel processing machinery, it is usually the attractive purchase price. Moreover, "used" does not necessarily mean "old", because even a machine that has been in operation only once is already considered a used machine. But especially this very young used structural steel machinery is in particularly high demand and correspondingly difficult to procure. This is where the strength of the Nenok network, which has grown and proven itself over many years, becomes apparent. Due to our numerous good contacts to the leading manufacturers of steel fabrication equipment and their customers, who have these machines in use, we have the best prerequisites for the purchase of these machines and plants. By opting for such a young used machine, our customers have the certainty of receiving a tested machine that is technologically up to date at a favourable price. An investment that is more economical in the end than the purchase of a new steel construction machine.

However, this area of the used machinery market is not uncomplicated. In order for a deal to be fair for all parties and for a project to be completed successfully, several things need to be considered. First and foremost is the necessary expertise in the various steel processing applications. In addition, a used machinery dealer who specializes in certain application areas and has sound and detailed expertise in these areas is certainly the more competent and trustworthy partner. It is easy to imagine how long it takes to build up this expertise through countless factory tours, studying websites, videos, instruction manuals, trade fairs and in-house exhibitions.

As a convinced specialist for used structural steel machinery we at Nenok mainly focus on the truly relevant and reliable machine manufacturers such as Agtos, Behringer, Ficep, Gietart, Kaltenbach, MicroStep, Messer Cutting Systems, Peddinghaus, Rösler Oberflächentechnik, Sato, Stierli-Bieger, Vernet-Behringer and Voortman.

Not to be underestimated is also the extensive preparation before a sale can be handled satisfactorily for all parties. In contrast to the pure machine broker and the fast but risky deal via a platform, Nenok assures its customers an individual and serious evaluation of the machine to be purchased. Comprehensive technical documentation and operational support for all detailed technical questions are also a matter of course for us.

Let yourself be surprised by the many offers Nenok has available of young, used structural steel machinery for steel construction, steel trade, plant engineering, etc. and trust in our industry expertise and excellent advice!