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Loading of a Union boring mill for heavy transport to Asia

July 2024 - Nenok, a leading supplier for the trade and reconditioning of machine tools for steel processing, has announced the successful completion of the loading of a Union boring mill for a heavy transport. The impressive boring mill, which posed a particular logistical challenge due to its size and weight, was safely loaded onto a total of 7 transporters over the last few days.

The Union boring mill, which is known for its precision and reliability, will soon be transported to a well-known customer in the heavy industry. The transportation of this gigantic piece of machinery required careful planning and coordination to ensure safety and a smooth process. The experts from Nenok worked closely with specialists in heavy-duty transportation.

"Loading such large and heavy machines requires the highest level of expertise and precision," explained Nenok's maintenance manager. "Thanks to our experienced team and the cooperation with our logistics partners, we were able to carry out this complex process successfully and safely."

The drilling rig was transported on a specially designed route by land and sea over many thousands of kilometers to avoid potential traffic disruptions. In order to protect the valuable boring mill, it was packed in wooden crates by a packaging service provider and made available for inspection by customs before loading. Once all the necessary documents and permits for the export and transit routes had been received, the goods were promptly loaded for transportation by all the trucks in the convoy.

Thanks to the particularly helpful support from the former owner of the plant, the loading process went smoothly. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the employees of Wilbert Tower Cranes.

Nenok has made a name for itself with its many years of experience and extensive expertise in the field of machine tools for steel processing. With this successful heavy transport, the company has once again underlined its expertise and reliability in handling demanding logistics projects.

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