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Voortman used structural steel machinery

Reliable used structural steel machinery form Voortman are an cost-effective alternative and available from Nenok in Cologne.

We know a lot about used machines and plants for the processing of profiles and sheet metal in the steel construction and steel trading industry. Our specialisation in these industrial sectors of used structural steel machinery enables us to have in-depth knowledge of the plant technology of the various machine and plant manufacturers. And this is exactly why we regularly offer reliable used Voortman machines. Of course, this includes good contact with the machine manufacturer for high availability of spare parts and support during maintenance.

The innovative Dutch machine and plant manufacturer Voortman, which has grown steadily in recent years, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of structural steel machinery and plants for steel processing. The product range includes notching and flame-cutting machines, band saws, drilling machines, angle punches, drill-saw machinery combinations for drilling and sawing, plate drilling machines, drilling and flame-cutting machines, portal flame-cutting machines, blasting machines, bending machines, shears, transport systems, software and much more. In order to guarantee the quality and reliability of these systems, they are regularly used and tested in Voortman's own steel construction department.
Our many years of experience with Voortman used structural steel machinery and plants is reflected in many successful national and international projects in which we have put used Voortman machines back into operation in a new production environment. There they serve the steel constructor or steel trader well in fulfilling often tightly calculated orders.
Nenok offers frequently interesting used structural steel machinery form Voortman and the corresponding accessories such as punching tools, drilling tools and saw blades.

At present we can offer you a very interesting used steel structure machine Voortman VB750-V613 beam saw drill line. This drill saw combination consists of a mitre band saw type VB 750 and a profile beam drilling machine type V613.

The beam drill line is equipped with a swivelling drilling head and 2 tool changers with each 5 positions. The length is measured by the roller feed measuring system. Since the V613 drilling line has a high drive power and high speeds, the use of modern Kennametal carbide tools is common.

If you would like to sell your Voortman used structural steel machinery, please contact Nenok in Cologne. We are always interested in buying interesting young used Voortman structural steel machinery.

Please send us some photos, or video and technical details from your machine system based on which we can evaluate your machine.