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Ridder Waricut Water jet cutting machine arrives in Cologne

Soon water jet cutting will also be available at Nenok in Cologne. Today (12 June 2020) we are expecting the special transport with our new Ridder Waricut waterjet cutting machine in Cologne.

As a specialist for used machines in the steel processing industry, we are the experts: starting with the small used machine up to the large used machine for sawing, drilling, punching, shearing, bending, flame cutting, plasma cutting and blasting of sectional steel and flat steel In addition to the used machine trade, we are a reliable contact for many national and international customers for machine service and as a supplier of high-quality cutting tools such as carbide drills, e.g. saw bands and Hypertherm plasma cutting nozzles. In order to be active in other industrial sectors as well, we purchased the first Flow Mach 2 waterjet cutting machine last year and later delivered it to a customer in Northern Germany. With this Flow Mach 2 waterjet cutting machine we were able to gain our first experience with this new technology.

In water jet cutting, water is compressed to up to 4000 bar or 6000 bar with a high-pressure pump. The water under this extreme pressure is then applied to the material to be cut via a special nozzle. This produces a fine but very powerful water jet which now hits the material to be cut at three times the speed of sound. Nearly all materials can be cut with this technique. Pure water jet cutting is used for soft materials such as plastics, foam, leather and wood. And the abrasive cutting technique where a fine abrasive agent (a kind of sand) is added to the pure water jet. With this abrasive water jet it is possible to cut even the hardest materials such as steel, stone, ceramics, glass, composites, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, hardened steel etc. without any problems. Both processes produce a workpiece with high accuracy and without thermal distortion.

This time we decided to purchase a system produced in Germany because of its high reliability. The Ridder Waricut HWE P 2030 waterjet cutting machine, which is considered very reliable in the industry, is manufactured in Hamm (Westphalia) and is supported by an excellent service.

With the new water jet system, even cutting 120 mm material thickness is no problem. An Uhde HPS 4037 high-pressure pump ensures the high permanent performance. The high-pressure pumps manufactured by Uhde from Hagen are regarded as extremely reliable units in the industry.

Why don't you drop by Nenok in Cologne (Kalk), take a look at the new Waricut HWE and find out about our extensive range of services.

The following Video demonstrates you a cutting process of a Waricut HWE water jet cutting machine.