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Welding device for the assembly of steel profiles and angles in steel construction

Aufwendige Schweißvorbereitungen werden durch diese Schweißvorrichtung erheblich reduziert!

Elaborate welding preparations are considerably reduced by this welding device!

Use this hydraulic welding device to reduce the amount of preparation work required for stapling and welding. The hydraulic press with swivel function makes this work considerably easier for you.

The device consists of two units of 9 meters each. The depth is 1800 mm, the height 570 mm, the clamping distance 1100 mm, number of hydraulic presses 18 pieces.

The profiles are pressed together dimensionally stable and then stapled. The undersides are reached by swinging the unit.

This welding device is particularly suitable for sheet metal beams with superelevation, conical beams, and box sections as well as for double and triple angles for high voltage pylons.

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