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Hartner solid carbide drills for drill lines

Solid carbide drills - Made in Germany by Hartner - with optimum internal cooling guarantee maximum drilling performance for use on modern drill lines in steel construction and the steel trade.

From the Hartner TS-drills product range, we offer you the suitable high-tech drills made of solid carbide for the highest requirements when drilling steel profiles and flat steel.

The Hartner drill range includes TiN-coated and FIRE-coated double-edged twist drills with and without internal cooling up to a maximum drilling depth of 12xD.

The Hartner solid carbide drills have an extremely wear-resistant FIRE special coating that ensures optimum wear resistance and long durability.

The solid carbide drills are well suited for long-chipping and short-chipping materials such as structural steels with strengths up to approx. 1200N/mm². However, a prerequisite for the use of these drilling tools is a suitable drill line with a stable and low-vibration design of the drilling axis and a high drive power. These drilling machines can be found at machine tool manufacturers such as Behringer-Vernet, Danobat, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus and Voortman.

Case hardening steels, cast steels, tempered steels and alloyed steels with strenghs up to approx. 1200 N/mm² are also materials for which these high-performance drills are suitable.

Hartner solid carbide drill
Hartner solid carbide drill

The special economic efficiency of solid carbide drills results from the high cutting performance, high drilling feed, short chip formation and good positioning accuracy. The result is accurately aligned holes with good surfaces and narrow diameter tolerances. The good self-centring behaviour as well as the production of short chips is guaranteed by the straight cutting edge geometry with special grinding and pointing.

The Hartner solid carbide drill cutting direction is right, 2 surface grinding with a point angle of 140 degrees, the diameter tolerance is m7, standard DIN 6537K with HE shank.

Prerequisite for use of solid carbide drills with two coolant channels

Please note that the high-performance solid carbide drills are only suitable for use on modern beam drill lines or plate processing machines. The new generation of beam drill lines with carbide drill option are available from manufacturers such as Danobat, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer-Vernet and Voortman. In order to be able to use the high drilling performance of a solid carbide drill at all, the drill line needs a particularly stable and powerful drilling unit. Suitable drilling units have a high speed, a high torque, an internal coolant supply and optimal tool clamping. Good workpiece clamping (profile steel, flat steel) is also important to avoid unfavourable material vibrations.

Solide carbide oil feed drill on Voortman plate line V320 C

As specialist for used machines in the structural steel processing industry nenok gladly provides its clients with the appropriate used machine for the application of solid carbide drills.

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