Peddinghaus BDL 1000 / 9 + Meba 1020 DGP
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Peddinghaus BDL 1000 / 9 + Meba 1020 DGP

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Description of Peddinghaus BDL 1000 / 9 + Meba 1020 DGP

Peddinghaus beam drill line BDL 1000/9 in combination with a MEBA 1020 DGP horizontal band saw. The beam drill and sawing combination is equipped with one CNC control from Siemens. The saw drill line combination is in good condition. The band saw is from the year 2005, the Peddinghaus beam drill line from 2007.

Technical data Peddinghaus beam drilling line BDL 1000/9
The maximum working width is 1000 mm, the maximum working height is 420 mm. The X axis of the BDL 1000/9 can build up to a maximum speed of 40 m / min. The travel speed of the web (Y) is 20 m / min, with the flanges (Z and W) is 17 m / min. A workpiece may weigh no more than 8 tonnes. The connection value for this beam drilling system is 50 kWh, the BDL 1000/9 needs approx. 80 m³ / h air supply. The air pressure is 6 bar. The drilling line has 9 drilling spindle, 3 per axes. The program-controlled feed rates are between 25 - 300 mm / min. The drilling diameter is at least 8 mm and maximum 40 mm. The workpieces have the following size: Double-T profile (INP and IPE) 80 - 600 mm, U-standard profile (UNP) 50 x 25 mm - 50 x 400 mm, double T profile (HEB, HEA, HEM) 100 - 1000 mm For isosceles, the size is at least 80 x 8 mm and maximum 200 x 28 mm. For unequal-sided angle profiles, the workpiece must be approx. 80 x 65 x 8 mm in size and not more than 250 x 90 x 16 mm in size.

Specifications Meba Band Saw Top - Line 1020 DGP
The cutting area of the Meba band saw 1020 DGP at 90 ° is 510 mm for round material, 1020 x 510 mm for flat material. With a miter clockwise of 45 °, 750 x 510 mm for flat material, 500 mm and 500 mm for 30 mm. With a miter counter-clockwise, the band saw has the following characteristics: 45 ° round material Ø 510 mm and flat material 670 x 510 mm and 30 ° round material Ø 400 mm and flat material 400 x 510 mm. The remaining length is approx. 30 mm. The band saw has a cutting speed of 15 - 150 m / min with an AC drive. The cutting pressure is infinitely hydraulically adjustable, as is the lowering speed (0 - 300 mm / min). The saw blade dimension is 9800 x 67 x x1.6 mm with a hydraulic saw band tension. The material weight is a maximum of 500 kg / m. The working height is 630 mm, it is also possible to use optional mounting elements, the working height is about 750 mm.

  • : 1000 mm
  • : 420 mm
  • : 8 - 40 mm
  • : 18 t
  • : B x L x H 6,2 x 6,5 x 2,9 m

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