Becky Job Master 12.25
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Description of Becky Job Master 12.25

Becky Job Master 12.25 plasma cutting system

The Becky Job Master 12.25 plasma cutting system is a compact and stable torch cutting system in gantry design with a drilling unit and all the assemblies required for use.

The Becky Job Master 12.25 plasma cutting system has been shortened in the processing length to 9 metres and has the following machine equipment for economical use in a flame cutting company or steel construction company.

  • a bevel cutting head BK 300-3D with automatic working parameter database
  • a drilling unit for drilling and tapping and a 6 compartment tool magazine
  • An automatic laser sheet metal adjustment LPD
  • Oxyfuel torch B180-F for maximum material thickness of 100 mm with oxygen / acetylene cutting gas
  • A Hypertherm HPR400XD plasma source with automatic gas console
  • an extraction table and extraction filter for smoke and dust with 16 cartridges

The Becky plasma cutting system is equipped with a bevel cutting head, a drilling unit for drilling and threading, an automatic laser sheet adjustment, an oxyfuel torch, a plasma source and an exhaust filter.

Becky Job Master description

Technical assemblies description of the Becky Job Master series:

Compact mechanical structure consisting of a sturdy welded steel frame which is fixed to the workshop floor with mounting feet. The fixing on the floor is separated from the machine frame to prevent vibrations during machining.

  • Very stable steel gantry suitable for fast dynamic movements in combination with a stable work table.
  • Working table divided into sections for optimal fume extraction
  • Working table with grid support frame for easy removal, cleaning and quick replacement of the grid
  • X-axis positioning with prismatic guides and brushless motors on both sides of the gantry
  • Prismatic guides on both sides with 4 strong ball screws
  • Double-sided AC servo drive via induction-hardened racks and pinions
  • Y-axis with double guides and brushless motor
  • Aluminium torch and tool carriage with 4 ball screws
  • AC servo drive via pinion/rack
  • Elegant white metal cover of prismatic guides and ball screws
  • Automatic height control of plasma torch with collision avoidance
  • Automatic arc height control of plasma torch with anti-collision
  • Z axis automatic adjustment of plasma torch mod B-300 with 300mm stroke
  • Laser measurement of distance between torch and sheet and automatic sheet angle adjustment
  • Modern CNC control type D-Elektron with the following features
  • CNC -Z32 Florence for plasma and oxyfuel operation on industrial PC and embedded Windows operating system
  • Large colour graphic LCD display with touch screen and graphic display of nesting and working parameters
  • Dimensioning and positioning of nesting boxes
  • Automatic sheet alignment by contact with two points
  • Automatic program recovery after work interruption
  • Machine diagnostics with help and error messages
  • Graphical representation of the running work programme
  • ZOOM of running nesting program while the machine is working
  • Cutting parameters are stored in the CNC in relation to the type and thickness of the material
  • Infinitely rotating automatic plasma chamfering unit
  • 5-axis plasma bevel cutting +/- 45°
  • Maximum Z-axis adjustment speed 25,000 mm/min
  • Aluminium monoblock structure
  • Harmonic Drive motors with high accuracy
  • Automatic arc height control of plasma torch with anti-collision and automatic repositioning
  • Automatic cut slope compensation database
  • Save Piercint Time: save piercing time by laser measurement of sheet position
  • Fine Hole technology for the best quality holes and slots
  • Robust and precise fine mechanics with reduced dimension and weight
  • Plasma source Hypertherm HPR 400 XD High Definition with adjustable current up to 400A
  • Maximum sheet metal hole spacing 50mm
  • Plasma torch with quick-release technology, plasma marker and automatic gas console
  • The worktable has a working height of 815 mm and a working area of 2,500 x 12,000 mm (2,000 x 11,500 mm for bevel cutting)
  • Working table separated into sectors, 800mm long for better strength and fume extraction
  • Grid with interchangeable plates 150x4mm easily available in the trade
  • Efficient smoke extraction from four sides of each sector with the CNC controlled

Becky Job Master Assembly

This used portal cutting machine Becky Job Master is in very good condition and was manufactured at Becky in Bologna Italy. The plasma cutting machine was professionally disassembled by Nenok technicians, transported to the new location and assembled. After a joint training by Nenok and Becky, the equipment was transferred to the production of a modern engineering and steel construction company.

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